How does Call Bill work?

Step 1: Register

Register once with Call Bill on the website or via the Call Bill app.

Step 2: Start washing machine or dryer

Put your laundry in the washing machine or dryer, select the washing machine programme, select the machine number (5 digit number stated on the machine) using the Call Bill app or after login on the Call Bill website and start the transaction.

Step 3: Stop washing machine or dryer

The washing machine stops automatically at the end of the program. If so desired, you will receive an SMS and/or an email from Call Bill. A dryer usually stays in an anti-crease position. The program does not stop automatically. Do not leave the laundry in the dryer unnecessarily long, so that the machine is available again for the next user. You will receive a message from Call Bill when the dryer is opened.


All wash and dry transactions will be paid out of your prepaid balance. You can top up your prepaid balance in the app or this Call Bill website.  Topping up is possible with all major credit cards, PayPal and even bitcoin.

And if you move and no longer wish to use Call Bill, we keep it simple: in the app you can simply request for a refund of the remaining outstanding prepaid balance. 



What to do in case of a technical fault?

It may happen that after switching on the washing machine or dryer it does not work or does not work properly. This can have several causes. You can perhaps solve some of them yourself. It is important to find out whether the fault concerns the washing machines or dryers or whether there is a problem with the Call Bill payment system.

Technical faults to machines

In the event of a breakdown at one of the washing machines or dryers, please contact the caretaker. To assist with minor problems, please find below the instructions for use of types of dryers and washing machines that are often placed in launderettes where Call Bill is in operation:

Washing machine Miele PW5062

Washing machine Miele PW6065

Dryer Miele PT7136

Dryer Miele PT8251

Failure to Call Bill payment system

If it is not possible to start a washing or drying via the app, please check whether you have internet connection

Frequently asked questions (general)

I can not start a washing or drying. Is there a technical problem?

  • Are you registered with Call Bill? If not, you can sign up for free on the website or in the app.
  • Are you correctly logged in on the website or in the app? If you have lost your password, you can request it again via the website.
  • Check if you can connect to the internet.
  • Can you operate the washing machines and dryers? If not, there may be a power failure. Inquire with the caretaker.
  • If everything seems to work, but you can not start a transaction, please contact us via or call +31 88 170 7750 during office hours

The app does not work on my phone. Can I not wash now?

You can also login and activate using the Call Bill website. Here you can start washing machines and dryers. You can also adjust your settings, view your history and view invoices.

How can I check my transactions?

The history of your washing and drying transactions can be found in the Call Bill app and in on the website after login. The transactions are also specified on the monthly invoice.

I can't login

If you can not log in then you can check whether your login details have been entered correctly.

If this is not the case, click on "forgot password". You will then receive a new password with which you can then log in again.

Where can I find the number of the washing machine or dryer?

You can find the Call Bill number next to the control panel on the machine. If the number has been removed, inform the caretaker. The washing machines and dryers are normally ranked from low to high.

How do I turn off text messages and emails?

On the app or Call Bill website (after login) you can adjust your personal settings.

Can I start several washing machines and dryers simultaneously?

Yes that is possible. Via the app or the website you can start multiple transactions at the same time.

On which phones can I download the app?

The app is available for Android and iOS. On a windows phone you can use the Call Bill website after login.

All machines are occupied. Can I make a reservation?

No, at this moment it is not yet possible to reserve a washing machine or dryer. We are always working on new functionality. We expect to launch a reservation option in the near future.

There are no available machines showing in the app, but some machines seem available?

If the washing machine or dryer is not available in the app or is occupied, while the washer or dryer is still free, please contact us via or during office hours on +31 88 - 170 7750

The laundry is not clean / dry

  • Read the washing machine instructions to see if you have chosen the best washing program.
  • Ask the caretaker if the washing machine can be cleaned by washing at high temperature.
  • Is the dryer's filter clean?

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