What is Call Bill?

Bill is the helpful concierge you can find at the door of residential buildings in New York. With a chat and a joke, he is always ready to help. When you need to get something done: Call Bill.

Call Bill is the new solution developed by Involtum Services to assist administrators of apartment buildings. Call Bill is widely used for payments of laundry and drying transactions in communal launderettes. Call Bill offers you much more: to take water and electricity meter readings, activate those meters remotely and set up payment systems. The Call Bill app can even unlock doors. The management of apartment buildings or the student campus suddenly becomes much simpler.

All washing machines, dryers, electricity meters and doors that can be operated with Call Bill, communicate via an advanced communication platform. The Call Bill app simply allows the resident to easily select what he or she wants to start or unlock.

Everything that needs to be activated, accessed or settled can be done by Call Bill. If there are costs associated with the service, the platform calculates the costs of the transaction. This can be a quantity of electricity, a quantity of water, washing or drying services. It also allows you access to the communal fitness room. Everything that needs to be activated or settled can be done via Call Bill. 


Call Bill is a solution from Involtum Services

Involtum assists providers of public utilities in the public space. We offer many services in addition to Call Bill, see www.involtum.com

With customer-specific energy portals, smartphone app and payment options, Involtum literally provides everything that comes with offering and paying for energy, water and other shared utilities. We offer a variety of services and solutions for both businesses and the private market, either under one of our own labels or our brand name.

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